Selleys Malaysia
ex in wall sealer
Available Sizes:
  • 17L
  • 5L
  • 1L
Top 5 Problems:
  1. Broken something made of plastic and don’t know what will fit it?
  2. Broken a glass vase?
  3. Mould growing on your bathroom silicone?
  4. Laminate furniture starting to peel?
  5. How to stop a door hinge from squeaking?

EX.IN Wall Sealer
Selleys Exterior and Interior Wall Sealer is specially formulated waterborne wall sealer based on a styrene acrylic. It gives ample alkali resistant and hiding at a lower cost.

physical properties
  • Theoretical spreading at recommended film thickness: 8-9 square meter per litre
  • Drying Time: At tropical ambient temperature of 30˚C
  • Touch Dry: Within ½ hour
  • Hard Dry: 1 hour
  • Recoating: 2 hours
  • Application: Brush and roller
  • Thinning/Cleaning: Water


  • Water Based
  • Low VOC / Odour
  • No Mineral Solvents
  • No Lead / Mercury
  • Fungus Resistance
  • Good Adhesion Property


surface preparation
  • The surface to be painted shall be allowed to dry until below 16% moisture content as measured with Protimeter. Ensures surfaces shall be dry and free from dirt, dust, oil, grease and foreign matter. Surface unevenness, cracks etc shall be made good with a suitable filler/render.


safety tips
  • Keep container tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children
  • Store material in a cool, well-ventilated and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation during application.
  • Keep away from excessive heat, sparks or flame.
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Any skin or eye contamination should be washed off with plenty of water or seek medical attention.