Selleys Malaysia
Available Sizes:
  • 300ml
Top 5 Problems:
  1. Broken something made of plastic and don’t know what will fit it?
  2. Broken a glass vase?
  3. Mould growing on your bathroom silicone?
  4. Laminate furniture starting to peel?
  5. How to stop a door hinge from squeaking?

Leather Care
Polyglaze Leather Care cleans, moisturizes and protects your leather seats in one easy step. It is specially formulated with conditioners that help to prevent the damaging effect of UV rays from the sun and leave your leather looking supple and natural.


  • Cleans, protects and conditions your leather car seats, lounges, chairs, handbags and other finished leather surfaces


  • Ideal for spot or general cleaning for removal of dirt, grime, dust, perspiration & most spillages.
  • Helps protect against wear & ageing
  • Helps prevent fading by reducing damage from UV rays
  • Conditions & leaves leather supple


  • Shake bottle.
  • Always test on a small inconspicuous area for compatibility and colourfastness before using. If leather darkens or shows a colour change do not use this product.
  • Squeeze product onto a clean cloth & wipe evenly over the leather surface.
  • Remove any excess product.
  • Allow product to dry thoroughly before using the seat


  • Not suitable to use on fabrics, suede, nubuck, aniline or any other unfinished leathers.
  • Use on a weekly basis to maintain your leather seats and help prevent premature wear or fading.

  • Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If eyes contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.