Selleys Malaysia
Available Sizes:
  • 1" (25mm)
  • 1.5" (38mm)
  • 2" (50mm)
  • 2.5" (63mm)
  • 3" (75mm)
Top 5 Problems:
  1. Broken something made of plastic and don’t know what will fit it?
  2. Broken a glass vase?
  3. Mould growing on your bathroom silicone?
  4. Laminate furniture starting to peel?
  5. How to stop a door hinge from squeaking?

Fast Finish Paint Brush
Selleys FAST Finish brushes help you to finish your painting job faster!

More Bristles:
up to 35% more bristles whichholds more paint, decreasing the frequency oftimes you need to re-load your brush.

Selleys FAST Finish brushes are madeusing DuPont Tynex fine tipped bristles, whichmeans that they give you a smooth finish.

  • Up to 35% more bristles, hold more paint
  • 100% Synthetic Filament
  • Smoother, faster finish
  • No bristle loss
  • Fast clean up