Selleys Malaysia

DGL International (M) Sdn. Bhd. Launch Selleys BaseCoat
27 June 2010 Sin Chew Jit Poh

DGL International held a dinner invited all the whole seller and reseller, attendance close to 200 person.

DGL Asia Region General Manager Surendran TR mentioned that Selleys BaseCoat is exclusive from DGL and also is the latest technology preparation product of the company R & D.

He also mentioned that there is 5 range of Selleys BaseCoat to solve the problem of the building wall surface. With applying the BaseCoat on the wall will ensure the finish coat more lasting. BaseCoat helps prevent substrate degradation and the effects of water ingress, humidity and cracking on interior and exterior walls.

The product series included No More Stains B100 for prevent oil based stains, No More Stains B105 for prevent water based stains, No more Cracks B110 for preventing hairline cracks, No More Fungus B115 for preventing fungus & mould, Advance Wall Sealer B215 for preventing efflorescence.

DGL International Asia managing Director mentioned that the new Selleys BaseCoat will penetrate the wall to help to seal the wall. The product has outstanding adhesion and fast drying suitable for interior and exterior wall.