Selleys Malaysia

Selleys New BaseCoat, the Best for Wall Protection
Aug - Sept 2010, HOME

Selleys launch new BaseCoat series to solve your problem of building the perfect home.

Selleys BaseCoat contains of paint preparation product with varioususages specialize in wall protection.

It can be use for indoor or out door as the first layer on the new wall or repainted wall to penetrate and help to seal the wall.

No More Stains B100 BaseCoat – water-based base coat, can block oil based satins on interior and exterior surface. It is fast drying with outstanding adhesion that suitable as sealer and undercoat.

No More Stains B105 BaseCoat – fast dry oil based base coat, can block water based stain on interior and exterior surfaces, outstanding adhesion and fast dry suitable as sealer and undercoat.

No More Cracks – high build, elastomeric membrane coating, specially for fill and bridge cracks on cement surface, provide long terms protection to masonry surface.

No More Fungus – deep penetrating cleaning solution, effective formulated to remove fungus on masonry surface, can last for 5 years.

Advance Wall Sealer – 100% acrylic water-based primer, low VOC with high alkaline resistance. Apply to cement after 7days of coagulation, superior water and alkaline resistance.

Selleys BaseCoat offers 1 liter, 5 liter & 18 liter with reasonable price. Can get from near by reseller and whole seller.

Company profile: Selleys is an Australia listed international company with 71 years history, specialize in home use DIY cleaning & adhesive product, especially in decoration, protect, maintain & repair service. Selleys HQ located in Australia and the product distribution cover Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam & Malaysia. Due to the durability and usability, it became one of the most famous home use product brands in Asia and it is the most famous brand in Australia among the home user. Selleys Chemical started at year 1939, they bring in Selleys adhesive product to Malaysia 20 years ago and follow by others product. Nowadays, there is more than 25 whole seller and 2000 reseller selling Selleys products. Managing Director of Selleys Asia & DGL Graeme Doyle quoted that Selleys as the subsidy of DGL the future target is to continue focus on product innovative with world class quality. As the company slogan “If It’s Selleys It Works“ we must make sure the consumer satisfy with out products. Orica Malaysia also invited all the whole seller and reseller for dinner during the new product launch. For more information please call 03-51915191 or logon to www.selleys