Selleys Malaysia

The Packet from Australia
Oct - Dec 2010, Apartmen Impiana

Certainly we can’t deny anymore the greatness of architecture in Australia.

Not surprise that if Selleys as one of the leading company in Australia produce 5 perfect choice of BaseCoat range.

Selleys BaseCoat is very important to ensure the top coat remain beautiful, free from fungus, elude from rift and stripped off.

Selleys BaseCoat formulated in perfect formula to help you get the best quality of the top coat.

It use as the first layer that is applied onto a new or repainted wall surface.

It penetrates and helps to seal the wall surface

Indirectly you are getting a durable wall surface and save your money.

The most interesting thing is the BaseCoat can be use for interior and exterior.

Now you can recommend the Selleys BaseCoat to your apartment management when there is any repainted work up coming.

1. Selleys No More Stains B100 – water-based for cover up the oil-based stains, quick drying and for interior and exterior use.

2. Selleys No More Stains B105 – oil-based with quick drying to cover water-based stains

3. Selleys No More Cracks B110 – durable and able to bridges cracks up to 2.5mm. Weather resistance, achieve smooth or textured finish, algae resistance

Selleys No More Fungus B115 – kill mould, fungicidal wash, grease and oil remover, algae resistance for up to 5 years, for exterior and interior use.

Selleys Advance Wall Sealer B215 – Low VOC, can apply to new cement render after 7 days cure time, seals masonry surfaces, water & alkaline resistance.