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Perfect Residence Wall with protection of Basecoat
Oct - Dec 2010, Impiana Dapur

Selleys introducing the BaseCoat range with latest innovation to protect the wall surface from fungus, alkaline, moisture and cracks.

Besides, it also protects the wall surface from water stain and oil stain.

Selleys BaseCoat range also help to prevent annoying things cause by the water, whether & cracks on interior and exterior wall

BaseCoat is the first layer that is applied onto a new or repainted wall surface, it penetrates & helps to seal the wall surface while providing a durable finish and better adhesion

Selleys BaseCoat range comprises of 5 specialist preparation products that help prevent and fix surface problems on most building surface.

No More Stains B100 – to prevent oil-based stains. It is quick drying and suitable for interior and exterior use.

No More Stains B105 – to prevent water-based stains. It is quick drying and suitable for interior and exterior use.

No More Cracks B110 – to prevent hair line cracks. Bridges crack up to 2.5mm and to provide the long-term protection. Whether and algae resistance.

No More Fungus B115 – to prevent fungus and mould. It is a deep penetrating cleaning solution formulated for effective treatment of mould, moss and fungus on cement render. Algae resistance for up to 5 years.

Advance Wall Sealer B215 – to prevent efflorescence on the surface of substrate. Alkaline resistance and suitable for interior and exterior use.

Step by step guide to apply BaseCoat on the wall:
1. Wash the surface thoroughly to remove any mould, grease or dirt and sandpaper loose paint flakes and other material off the surface prior to painting, as the new paint will not stick to a poorly prepared surface.

2. Once the surface is clean, dry and free from loose material apply a coast of BaseCoat and allow drying. Some surfaces may require a second coat to cover stubborn stains like mould. Ensure BaseCoat is properly dry before applying the finishing coat.

3. Once the BaseCoat has fully dried, you are ready to apply the top coats. We recommend two coats of your chosen topcoat for a durable, long lasting finish.

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