Selleys Malaysia

Brand Building in SEA
Sep - Oct 2010, Kuala Lumpur & Vietnam



DGL Asia has started to focus on building the Selleys brand across the region. Recent success stories are our participation in the Malaysia Home Decoration Exhibition 2010 in September 2010 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. We recorded good sales during the 4 days and received lots of enquiries from various customers during and after the exhibition. We also took the opportunity to introduce the Selleys BaseCoat range to the consumer and the response was pretty positive. We foresee the potential of this product in future and believe we were on the right track with this range.

At the end of October 2010, we also participated in the 6th Vietnam Motor Show 2010 in Hanoi with our POLYGLAZE range. We had very impressive respond during the show as we are the only car care company participating at the exhibition.  With an outstanding booth design we manage to attract the attention of most visitors and received many compliments and enquiries about the Ployglaze range.

This success is the first step of building the brand in selected SEA markets and we are looking forward for more similar opportunity in 2011.  We also manage to educate the consumer on the adhesive, sealant and car care solutions. We will continue with more brand building activities in order to strengthen the position of Selleys range in the market. The idea is to implant the Selleys brand name among the younger generation and remind the older generation about how great this product range is. IF IT’S SELLEYS IT WORKS.