Selleys Malaysia
Available Sizes:
  • 50ml
  • 15ml
Top 5 Problems:
  1. Broken something made of plastic and don’t know what will fit it?
  2. Broken a glass vase?
  3. Mould growing on your bathroom silicone?
  4. Laminate furniture starting to peel?
  5. How to stop a door hinge from squeaking?

Kwik Grip Contact Adhesive
Selleys Kwik Grip is a flexible contact adhesive providing a permanent bond to surfaces such as vinyl, upholstery, rubber, metal, leather, canvas, cork, hardboard and laminated plastics. Suitable for bonding both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, vertical surfaces or when clamping is difficult. Forms a heat resistant, water resistant and flexible bond.

•    Vinyl
•    Upholstery
•    Rubber
•    Metal
•    Leather
•    Canvas
•    Cork
•    Hardboard
•    Laminated plastics


  • Clean dirt and grease from surfaces to be joined. Remove plastic nozzle and pierce diaphragm with sharp object.
  • Apply to both surfaces and spread evenly. Surfaces should be entirely coated.
  • When tack free (approx. 20 min) surfaces, should be aligned and brought together. Apply light pressure for several seconds. Wipe nozzle clean and replace cap immediately after use.


  • Pre-test plastics to determine compatibility.

  • Intenteional misuse by deliberately inhaling vapours of this product can be harmful or fatal. Vapours can be ignited by flame or spark. Use only in ventilated areas.
  • Highly flammable.